In the beginning, God . . .

So opens  This is the story of salvation for you, me and all mankind.  It tells how God's limitless love has been completed in a gift that has been given to everyone - yes - from those who have ever lived on this created earth even to those waiting in the womb soon to be born.   

    Let's walk along the path already cleared for us to discover . . . and even participate in the greatest wonder of our existence.

    Many years ago, at a time that some are still discussing, two people, a man and a woman were formed by a supreme intelligent rational being capable of directing itself by its intellect and will.  We call this being God.

     At some point in their existence, God gave them the opportunity to prove they loved Him. 

Bummer, they didn't pass the test . . .

     Instead, they decided to love themselves more than God, and chose to distance themselves from God.  However God is all-good, and in His love for His creation, He freely made an agreement (covenant) with them which He has renewed through the years with their children and their children's children about their future. 

And so it happened . . .
God Offers Covenants Not Contracts