A Drive Home After Dark

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It becomes dark early in the winter, and this evening I was on my usual route home through several residential areas after work.  There was no street lighting for the homes nor at the corners where stop signs controlled traffic.  Usually the driver would stop at each sign and then resume his drive.  I had come to an intersection which required my usual left turn, and seeing no oncoming car or any pedestrian I was just beginning to start the turn.  Suddenly a voice inside me said, "stop."  I quickly put on the brakes and then I saw that a person had stepped off of the sidewalk to cross the street on my left.  He was wearing no reflective clothing, his dark colored shoes, pants, jacket and wool cap blended completely into the dark night, and my headlights did not pick him out. 

The voice had not be audible, but it spoke very loudly to my consciousness and alerted me to avoid an accident which could have caused serious injury. 

Do I believe that an angel was watching over me and guiding me and that person?  Yes, I do.